Welcome to the Missouri DX/Contest Club

The Missouri DX/Contest Club (MDCC) was founded on 29 December, 2008 for the primary purpose of Amateur Radio DXing and Contesting, with a common interest among its membership to "get on the air and operate", work DX and compete as a Club.    

On March 23, 2009 the Missouri DX/Contest Club (MDCC) was officially approved as an ARRL Affiliated Club organization. 

The Mission Statement 

To establish an organization whereby Amateur Radio operators can pursue the fraternity of Amateur Radio in a common interest of DXing and Contesting, maintain Amateur Radio operators and principles that will promote the advancement of "Ham Radio" locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, keep the "Spirit of Ham Radio" alive, and be prepared to support the local public services organizations in time of an emergency. 


Membership is open to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator.  There are no geographic boundaries restricting membership.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the MDCC please contact k0etv@centurytel.net

Message from the Club President 

Our Club continues to grow thanks to your involvement, sponsorship, and enthusiasm.  Thank You!  We have made tremendous progress in an extremely short period of time and we continue to make significant progress. 

Since the founding of the MDCC on 12/29/2008, the membership has grown from an original 10 members to 79 as of 02/05/2011.  Unbelievable growth and enthusiasm.  All as a result of YOU.  Remember, this is your club, so if you would like to recommend someone to become a member please do. 

Our contest strategy for 2012 will be up-coming.  I will be looking for plaque sponsorship so please step up and volunteer.  Thanks in advance.

Let’s all have a fantastic DX and Contest 2012!


Ron Lowrance, K4SX

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