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Missouri DX/Contest Club


May 2010

FACTS about My Shopping Genie


o  Important items to know about My Shopping Genie:

o  Genie is a safe program to have on your computer.  Non-intrusive.

o  No Spam or Pop-Ups

o  IT’S FREE, No cost to you to use this program.

o  Is only active when you are searching from a major search engine to assist you with finding the best pricing by compare searches, deals, and e-coupons.

o  Genie is not an internet site but a web app that allows you quick and easy selection of the best price for the product you have elected to search for.

o  Does not communicate information about you or your computer.

o  This is a secure program intended to allow anyone to get the best pricing from the search engines while shopping.

o  Give the to your friends & family to try.

o  Go to the above address and install the applet on your computer and begin supporting our Club. 

§         This is a great way to support our Club at NO cost to you, family, or friends.

Go to:

1.       Download the applet.

2.       Watch the short video to understand how it works.

3.       Look over the page to see and hear a few savings stories from users.

4.       Read the “Is it safe?” certification.

5.       Then, install the app by clicking on the “Get free web app” button.  Then review the registration number and click on the “Get the FREE app now” Button and walk through the install.

6.      Next time you shop on the Internet you will be supporting our Club.  THANK YOU!