Missouri DX/Contest Club Member Biographies

K4SX, Ron Lowrance

Ron was first licensed on January 7, 1963 while living at Waynesville, Missouri.  Ron had the fortunate circumstances to be mentored into Amateur Radio by his father, Dean K0LDL, and Bill Wheeler K0DEW.  Ron's early years were spent primarily on CW which prepared him to successfully be certified at the US Army Radio Telephone School at 25 words per minute with mix of 5 character groups.  Ron continued his military career as a US Army commissioned officer serving in both the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars as an Infantry Officer. 

Ron's Amateur Radio experience has spanned the spectrum of interests in the hobby that have included building/constructing several homebrew amplifiers using 813 and 4-1000 tubes in grounded-grid service.  Ron has also had a fascination with HF antennas, their construction, practical application, and performance.  Ron's interest in Amateur Radio has always centered around CW, DX, and contesting.  His current station and additional information can be found at www.qrz.com

Ron has been employed with IBM for the past 31 years, having held several management positions that include an assignment in London.  His current management position is as a Project Executive responsible for a large multi-million dollar per year P&L business for IBM.

Ron's brother and father are Amateurs.  Ken Lowrance, K0KDL and Dean Lowrance, K0LDL.

K4JPD, Steve McElroy

K4JPD has been an active ham for 50 years.  Steve's primary interests are CW, SSB, RTTY, DXing, and Contesting on 160M thru 6M.  Steve has held multiple leadership positions in Amateur Radio that include past President of the Dixie DXers Contest Club and past SE Division representative of the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee.


Steve's accomplishments include winning the ARRL DX Contest M/S operating HH2CQ, finished 3rd in the World in CQWW single operator Phone as PJ2FR.  In 2007 while on a business trip to KP4, Steve was able to operate one day of the ARRL contest from a local hams station, making 1606 qso’s in 8 hours and placing number 1 for KP4.  Steve has operated contests from C6A, KP4, YS9, VP5, HH, PJ, HP.  In 1995 he confirmed all the countries in the world and received the # 1 Top of the Honor Roll plaque and has appeared on the front cover of CQ Magazine three times in the past.

Steve is a member of the Southeastern DX Club, Society of Broadcast Engineers,  A1-OP, ARRL Member, Sweet Water Valley DX Club, and current president of Dataradio Corporation Employee Ham Club, NA4DR.  Steve is employed By California Amplifier Corporation as Director of Sales, Eastern US.

Steve shares  his home in Carrollton GA with his wife Nancy, Son Andrew, and  7 chickens, 4 goats, 3 Guinea, two horses, and a dog.

In the addition to the above, Steve is a nationally ranked racquetball player and in his spare time he plays in racquetball tournaments around the US as a sponsored player of Ektelon Sports, a division of Prince Corp.  

K0DEW, Bill Wheeler                                                           

Masters in Education Administration, Drury University. 1974. BS from Southwest Baptist University, 1969 Elementary Education. Currently teaching Educational Observations for O.T.C. in Lebanon Mo.

Brief Biography

Bill Wheeler is currently in his twelfth year on the Lebanon City council. He is at this time two years as Mayor Pro Tem, and a current member of the Lebanon Police Board. He has been an active community member of the Lebanon area for over forty years. Bill also resides as the president on the Laclede /Lebanon Library Foundation Board. He is the founding president of the local Rt. 66 Society, and was a key player in the establishment in the new Rt. 66 museum. He has recently published a book about Route 66 in Laclede County, “Windshield Tour”; all proceeds from the book go directly to the RT. 66 Museum. Bill is still a practicing educator for Ozark Technical College in Lebanon Missouri.

Bill’s achievements range from the personal to the professional. He is a Certified SCUBA Diving Instructor, certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). He is an accomplished Amateur Radio enthusiast that include; currently certified as an examiner for the FCC, articles that have appeared in professional magazines such as Electric Radio, and related reading materials, Founding President of the Collins Collector Association, served 8 years as Missouri State Mars Director, member of the Lebanon Amateur Radio Club, ARRL, and spent 8 years as the Civil Preparedness Director for Laclede County. In addition, Bill is a former president of the Lebanon Genealogical Society and is an active member of the Lebanon Rotary Club.

Bill is an avid Collins collector and restorer.  Bill’s latest project is restoring a Collins 20V-3 transmitter.  Bill enjoys DXing primarily on CW and antenna design and construction.  Bill holds multiple Amateur Radio awards.

After graduation from Waynesville High School, Bill joined the U.S. Army where he was involved with recruit training. In 1971 he married Deanna Elmore. He and Deanna have two sons, one of which remained in the area and is now a successful business owner. The other son lives in Fayetteville Arkansas, where he works in the corporate office of Wal-Mart.

Bill is retired from public education after a thirty-year career in Laclede County. He was the superintendent of schools for Joel E Barber C-5 when he retired. Shortly after retirement, Bill became the president of the local chapter of Retired Teachers Association. Bill has devoted most of his retirement years to public service, and is now actively involved in many aspects of the community including serving on the City Counsel of Lebanon Missouri.

KI0Y, Mark Eberle

Mark currently lives in Jefferson City where he is employed as an Electrical Engineer in Fulton Missouri providing switchgear design for utility companies.  Mark started out working on complete substation projects while living in St. Louis, then took a detour to North Carolina for a while to work on traction power projects for subways and light rail systems.  He finally found his way back to Missouri and the utility side of the business which he prefers.

Mark was first licensed as KB0QQF while still in college at UMR, Rolla Missouri (now Missouri S&T).  Along with a group of friends at the club station, W0EEE, they developed a common interest in contesting and consistently tried to improve our scores from year to year in the November Sweepstakes.  Within a year Mark upgraded his license to Extra so he could gain more operating frequency room.  Mark has continued to enjoy contesting and now makes it a point to work contests throughout the year.  His station consists of a Yaesu 102, Icom 706, an inverted-V, and ground-mounted vertical for the antennas. 

Mark enjoys interests outside of radio which include computers (building/upgrading/gaming), Cardinals baseball, grilling & smoking foods, cruise vacations, and roller coasters to name a few.  Mark and his wife currently have no kids, but do have two Jack Russell Terriers who are quite happy to fill that role and receive all the attention!  Look for Mark in the 2009 contests!

K0KDL, Ken Lowrance      

Ken was first licensed in the summer of 1972.  K0DEW gave Ken his Novice test.  Ken's brother K4SX and father K0LDL are both Amateurs.

Ken is a graduate of Washington University where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and subsequently completed his certification as a licensed Professional Engineer.

Ken currently is employed with AT&T as a voice architect and engineer with leadership and management responsibility for certified voice and data technical architects.  Ken has numerous engineering accomplishments to his credit that include voice PBX system design and antenna design.

Ken enjoys mostly CW.  His station consists of a FT-1000MKV and enjoys mobile operation with his IC-706MK2G and Tarheel antenna.  You'll find Ken on 40M CW during the evenings.

Ken's other passion is flying.  Ken owns his own twin engine airplane.

Ken's wife has her PHD and is currently employed in the St.Louis area.  Ken's son, Adam, has completed 2 Masters degrees and is working toward his PHD in Colorado.

K4NV, Dennis Arnold

Dennis was first licensed in 1986 and upgraded to Advanced in 1987 and then to Extra in 2000. Call signs held N4RGF, KM4HH, K4DRA. Ham Radio truly is in his blood!!!!

Dennis' current station consists of; Yaesu FT1000, 115'45G tower KT-34XA, wire antennas for 160,180 and 40 meters, Alpha amplifier.

Dennis is an avid DXer and Contester.  His Ham Radio achievements include but are not limited to; 1991 CQWW 160 Phone M/S 5th in the world; 2006 1st Place Winner Country Uncle SSB 80 meter DX contest; 2007 Winner Country Uncle QSO Party; 2008 Winner SSB Country Uncle Fall DX event.  Dennis has particpated in several 10 and 160 meter contest over the years and is a member of the NQ4I Contest Team.

K0LDL, Dean Lowrance

Dean first entered Amateur Radio in 1961 as WN0CUY and later upgraded his license and received WA0CUY while living in Waynesville Missouri.  Dean was employed at Fort Leonard Wood at the time as a journeyman electrician.  Dean was initially mentored into Amateur Radio by his friend W0FNK (SK).  Dean's sons are both licensed Amateurs; Ron K4SX and Ken K0KDL. 

Dean honorably served his country during WWII in the US Army Combat Engineers at the European Front. 

Dean is now retired from Federal Government Civil Service and is currently living at the Lake of the Ozarks with his wife Carroll.  Dean is a graduate with a BA from Columbia College.  His wife has her BS from SMS and her Masters from Dury College.  Carroll is now retired from the Missouri State Public Educational School System where her 40+ career was spanned teaching and as a elementary school principal.  More information can be found at www.qrz.com

Dean's Amateur Radio station consists of a Collins KWM-380, FL-2100B, MN-2000, and a TS-440SAT.  His primary operating activity is 80M. 

Dean is a Master Mason, Shriner and enjoys fishing at the Lake of the Ozark. 

W5FP, DR. Peter W. Eaton

Peter was raised in Southern Alabama.  He was first licensed in 1961 as WN4AYX. (age 14, and within 6 months received my "General" as WA4AYX).  He graduated from Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama, which is the second oldest Jesuit Instituion in the USA founded 1830. One summer in Carmel at my Uncles, I applied for a "6" and was issued WB6LBG. Peter subsequently was accpeted into medical school on USAF scholarship and graduated in 1973 from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Internship at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.
Peter attended USAF flight surgeon's school and was stationed at Dyess AFB (SAC base) in Abilene TX, licensed as WB5RUX.  He was honorably discharged from USAF on 30 June 1977 and moved to Wichita KS where he established a private medical family practice.  Peter's call sign was issued as WD0ARD during this time. In 1980 the cold weather won over and he moved to Orange Texas to manage an emergency room at OMH hospital, now KH6HBZ (my brother was Col Eaton on ADM McCain's staff in Hawaii, in those days you remember one amateur license....multiple station licenses). The summer of 1982 brought a visit to Grand Cayman and ZF2GR... which explains my QRZ email address.  Jan. 1993 to March 1993, operated as KH6HBZ/T5 for 88 days while serving with USMC in Somalia.  Lousy propagation.... did work JY1 prior to his death, and although attempts were made no QSL was ever received. 

In 1983. Peter followed family tradition and joined the US Navy as a ship board medical officer, where I obtained VQ9PE while visiting Diego Garcia, July 1983.  The USS Cape Cod, AD43, a destroeyr tender, traveled the world and I was the MARS officer/amateur station monitor aboard....as well as medical officer.  Many tours later and a few years in Texas I received W5FP. In the USN, I attended flight school at age 44 and received my "gold" Naval flight surgeon wings in 1991. Peter has over 600 hours in rotary wing ac mostly with the USMC, H 53 E's! I truly love the USMC... the best 6 years of my life.

Professionally, Peter is certified as a Family Physician and awarded Fellowship. He is licensed in California, Texas, and New Mexico. Previously held a Senior AME for the FAA (can do airlilne and private pilot physicals). Perform medical malpractice reviews for a private legal firm owned by an amateur radio operator.

Retiring from the US Navy at the rank of Captain in December of 2004, Peter moved to my present location in Salado Texas. He has worked over 330 countries on mostly phone...some am...some cw...  Currently working as a medical consultant throught the US. Most recently in Hayward, WI. with a cabin on the Indian Reservation and yes-- dipoles on 40 and 80 m! 

In the early years chased counties, couintries, zones, hf, vhf etc. now just no time.  My current interests are antennas!  A 76 foot tower with M2  3 element yagi, TH11dx, 6 el 6m Cushcraft.... soon phased verticals for 80 m will be completed using the DX engineering/comtek phasing unit. I have 6700 cu wire down for these and another 10,000 ft of cu wire in each of my irrigation trenches.... it helps! Projects on the board for soonest are: a beverage for 80/160 m, elevated vertical for 160 m, two more big towers and higher yagis.... and he still hasn't ever sent one card to the ARRL..  I just like antennas and DX.... and 40 meter SSB.... look on 7.158 day/night.

Peter is an active member of his church, a 32nd degree Mason, Shriner, member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans (for their fine work, and my bad hearing from my flying days). Past member of the Loyal Order of Moose.  Also a life member of the ARRL, recent addition to the A1 operators club and at the age of 16 was appointed an Assistant Director of the ARRL by Tom Moss....

Peter's current occupation is as a Physician Consultant in management systems. His wife is pursuing a pastry/bread chef profession certification and works near Austin Texas. She is an avid tennis player, about a 4.5 and president of our local humane society.  We have dogs: 2 Bernese Mountain dogs, one Great Pyrenes, one St Bernard (188 lbs) and two Large Newfoundlands. Somewhere out there are three step daughters, one daughter and three grand children, lets hope some future hams!

KN4JX, Tom Teague

Tom was first licensed on March 21, 1989 while stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina.  Tom was actively involved with navy M.A.R.S while stationed at home and overseas.

Tom's primary interest in the hobby has been emergency communications and the opportunity to get to know other amateur operators in the world.  He enjoys DX, rag chewing, and digital modes.  Tom is actively involved in his local Amateur Radio Club in Lebanon Missouri.  For additional information please go to  http://www.geocities.com/kn4jx/index.html

Tom spent 21 years in the Marine Corps and after retiring received his bachelors degree in Health Care Management.  Tom has spent some time in Iraq doing contract work.

Tom's wife, Leslie KC4PDN, son Austin KD0FAJ also enjoy the hobby.

W0YVA, Dr. Bob Sullivan, PHD

Bob was first licensed in January, 1954 and took the Amateur Radio examination at the FCC Regional office in St. Paul, Minnesota. Bob had a wonderful Elmer, Russ, W0IFS, who introduced me to many aspects of ham radio including home brewing, HF and VHF, meteor scatter, etc. It was very exciting to sit at his operating position and tune around with his National NC-240-D. It was many years before Bob could afford his own "commercial" receiver and transmitter!

Bob has enjoyed this wonderful hobby now for over 50 years and recently received his #1 Honor Roll plaque from the ARRL where Bob is Life Member. His contesting "claim to fame" was a second world high placement in the 1973 ARRL DX contest.

Bob holds a PHD in Electrical Engineering and has been involved electrical engineering most of his entire career.  He retired for a few years ago freeing him to pursue his passion in Amateur Radio, equipment restoration (Collins, and Central Electronics) and his second favorite hobby ... Ferrari's. 

Bob's stations on AM (Collins KW-1, 75A-4, 51J-4, HRO-500, NC-303, CE 100V, CE200V, CE 600L ... etc) - my favorite mode!  For SSB and CW I use Signal/One's (CX-11A, MilSpec 1030), Collins S-line, Drake C-line, Alpha amplifiers, and various other vintage and "modern" pieces.  See Bob's webpage:  http://www.isquare.com/personal_pages/ras-hardware.htm

Bob lives in Great Falls, VA with his wife, Trish, and their cats. Bob has a number of acres allowing him to play with antenna's. At the moment he has a 100-ft rotating tower with phased tri-banders, 2-elements on 40, 10-elements on 10 and 2-meters. Bob also have a pair of HyGain HyTowers phased for operation on 80 and 160. Lastly a dipole for 160 and 80.

K0ETD, Ron Watkins

Ron was born and raised on a small farm in Leavenworth County, Kansas.  He graduated from Bonner Springs High School in 1957 and in 1963 earned a BSEE from Finlay Engineering College, Kansas City, Missouri. After college, Ron went to work at Bendix (now Honeywell) in Kansas City, Missouri and remained there until retired in 1994. After retiring Ron worked as a consultant at the plant (part time) for about 1 1/2 years, leaving in 1997 to a "hobby farm".  Ron remarried in 2002, and in 2006 sold the farm and moved to his present QTH in Tucson, Arizona.

Ron first got interested in Amateur Radio as a high school freshman when he bought a Philco table radio that "didn't work" from one of his neighbors for 50 cents. Turned out that a missing knob was for the bandswitch...the radio covered  40 and 80 meters as well as the broadcast band. He added a good antenna, which brought the radio alive!  It turned out to be a good shortwave radio.  Ron spent many hours listening to the guys on 75 meters.

The radio sparked Ron's interest so he began to learn Morse code, but without an "Elmer" it was slow going and at least a year and a half before he passed the 5 WPM requirement.  He received  KNØETD in April of 1956 and subsequently received his General license in November of 1956.

Immediately after graduation from college in 1963, Ron passed the Amateur Extra exam.  It was this timeframe that he joined a local RACES group in Wyandotte Co. and helped organize a 2meter FM net for storm spotting. The group is still active today, with headquarters at the Kansas City, Kansas police building.

Over the years Ron's interest expanded to ten meter DXing.  In 1995 he earned a ten meter DXCC on SSB.  He has over 200 countries.  Ron used a 4element Cushcraft monobander at 45 with various rigs; Kenwood’s TS830 / 430 / 850, plus a Ten Tec Argonaut for Qrp. Currently Ron is using wire antennas that are serving him well at his Arizona QTH.  Ron is an ARRL life member. Look for Ron on 40M CW in the evenings.

W4CFF, Bob Moseson

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bob was licensed as W0SKT at age 14. The next year his Father retired, and they moved to a small town in North Dakota near Bob's Sister's farm. After High School and Junior College Bob served  a 3 year hitch in the U.S. Army as an instructor in the guided missile field, and returned to N.D.  Subsequently, he moved to the South Land in 1965, and acquired the call he now holds, W4CFF. Bob currently lives with his wife Wanda (both retired) in Phenix City, Alabama.

Most of Bob's working career was in the field of Lithography (retired after 20 years), and also with the manufacturing, and quality control of sealed lead acid batteries. Interests other than dxing and rag chewing include; Antique Radios, Coins, and Masonry to name a few.  He and Wanda have a 5th wheel travel trailer, and enjoy traveling. While traveling, Bob is mobile with a TS-480, and has a second TS-480 with a 500 watt amplifier in his 5th wheel travel trailer.  You can find more info at www.qrz.com

K0DEQ, Bill Morgan

Bill was licensed as KN0DEQ (the designation for novices in those days) in 1955 and became K0DEQ the following year.  He has been active in ham radio since that time. Until moving to Rolla, MO in 2002, Bill had always lived in Waynesville.   His new QTH, a short distance east of Rolla, features a hilltop location with ample room for antennas.

Bill has always been interested in DX, contest operation and certificate chasing.   Currently he lacks one entity (Yemen) for top of the honor roll status mixed and PH and one other entity (North Korea)  on CW.   He has 2589 credits in the DXCC challenge standing, and is listed in the upper level of  WPX honor roll.  He has an extensive collection of certificates from many parts of the world and continues to apply for new ones.

At one time Bill was active in county hunting and with driving assistance from K0DEW and K0DZD (SK), he did a lot of mobile operation for the CW county hunters, including first place finishes in state and regional QSO parties.  Some day he hopes to resume county hunting in order to finish USA-CA.  Bill is currently the Midwest Division representative on the DX Advisory Committee and is an authorized card checker for DXCC, WAS and VUCC purposes.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia with degrees in accounting (1962) and law (1965) and continues to maintain his law office in Waynesville.

AA1M, Bob Reiser

Bob was first licensed in 1977 as WB1DBW.  On the day he passed his Extra exam at the Boston FCC office, he checked the box for a new call and received AA1M.  He has been an active member of the Quannapowitt Radio Association, a local ARRL affiliated Amateur Radio club, of which he has held the Club call trusteeship of W1EKT for nearly 20 years.  Bob's activities with QRA have had me hold the position of club president twice, vice president twice, a BOD member for 5 years,  QRA Newsletter editor 3 years and club secretary for 18 years.  Bob loves working and being DX on CW.  He has been lucky enough to operate from ZF8, VP2E, P4, V31, 8P9, V2, PJ7/PJ8, J7, V44 and I'm planning to be VP2MPL during the first week of March 2009.  Bob is a member of ARRL, an A-1 OP, QCWA, SOC, UCWC, 10X and ARRL DXCC Honor Roll. In Bob's personal life, he has been married to his wife Lorrie since 1968.  They have two sons and two grandchildren.  Bob is now semi-retired with the Teamsters since 2000 and works part time driving and taking care of the automobiles for the Grey Nuns Sisters of Charity in this local area.

K0CA, Cliff Ahrens 

Cliff Ahrens K0CA, of Hannibal, Missouri, has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1979, and has held an Extra Class license since 1981.  His previous calls were KI0W, N0BQN, and KA0EZR.  Cliff is an ARRL Life and Diamond Club member, and a QCWA Life member.  He is a member of the Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club, Missouri DX/Contest Club, Eastern Iowa DX Association, Kansas City DX Club, Hannibal ARC, and Western Illinois ARC.  Cliff is a past president of the Hannibal ARC, and is trustee for that club’s calls. 

Cliff was appointed ARRL Midwest Division Vice Director in September, 2006, and elected for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2009.   He serves on the ARRL Board’s Administration and Finance Committee and was Board Liaison to the DX Advisory Committee.  Cliff was the Midwest Division representative on the ARRL DXAC from 1997 until 2006, and was DXAC Chair from August 2000 to March 2003.  He is also a sorter for the ARRL Zero District QSL Bureau, an ARRL DXCC Card Checker, an HF and VHF Awards Manager, and a Volunteer Examiner for ARRL.  Cliff previously was an ARRL Volunteer Counsel and ARRL Assistant Director of the Midwest Division. 

Cliff is an active DXer with #1 DXCC Honor Roll on both Mixed and Phone, as well as CW Honor Roll (need P5 and 7O on CW), DXCC Challenge (2501 entities), 8 Band DXCC, RTTY DXCC, and 5 Band WAS.  He also enjoys CW contesting. 

Professionally, Cliff is an appellate judge on the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, which is located in St. Louis.  Since his appointment to the court in 1991, he has served as Chief Judge and Presiding Judge of several divisions of the court and as a special judge on the Missouri Supreme Court.  Cliff is actively involved in improving efficiency and service of courts to litigants and the public through his efforts as chair of the statewide Missouri Court Automation Committee.  Prior to his appointment to the appellate court, Cliff was engaged in the general practice of law for twenty-one years in Hannibal.  Cliff earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Cliff has also been actively involved in a number of public, civic, and charitable organizations.  He was a member of the Hannibal Planning and Zoning Commission and chair of the Planning Commission.  He also served on the Board of Directors of the Children's Trust Fund of Missouri and was a member of the St. Louis City - St. Louis County Board of Electors.  Cliff was President of the following organizations in Hannibal -- YMCA, Evening Kiwanis Club, The United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Hannibal High School Booster Club.  He is a member of Holy Family Catholic Church in Hannibal, where he is a lector and Eucharistic minister.  

Cliff and his wife, Kim, have three grown children, sons Todd W0CTA and Joe K4CJA, and daughter Ann.  In addition to Cliff’s ham radio hobby, he also enjoys photography, reading and computers, and spending time with his wife and three grandchildren.

K4EWG, Peter D. Rhodes, PE 

Pete was first licensed as KN4EWG in November 1955, received his General Class license in 1956, and Extra in 1967.  Pete is a graduate of Georgia Tech where he earned his BS in Civil Engineering in 1963.  Peter is also a graduate of Columbia Seminary, 1967.  

Pete is a Vietnam veteran.  He was a US Army Chaplin, Captain, and served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969.  Pete earned a Bronze Star for valor. 

Following his military service to his country, Pete went into Civil Engineering practice.  Pete is a Registered Professional Engineer in Georgia and Florida.  Pete is the founder and president of Rhodes Engineering.  He and his wife, Tana KI4KJV, co-own the business along with other business ventures in gem stones.

Pete has multiple publications on antenna design and has been recognized more than once for his contributions. 

1). Log Periodic Dipole Array which can be found in QST, November 1973. The construction of a 12 element LPDA using his design system earned him the November, 1973 ARRL QST Cover Plaque Award.  Today, Tenedyne uses his antenna design for their commercial LPDA antennas designs. 

2). Log Periodic Yagi in QST, December 1976, which constructed a 6 element LOG-YAG Pete's design system and once again earned the December, 1976 ARRL QST Cover Plaque Awar 

3). 1976 ARRL Technical Excellence Award. 

4). Published the Log Periodic Yagi in the ARRL Antenna Anthology Book, 1978.  Published a design system for the Log Periodic V Array QST, October 1979.  Published a design system for the Log periodic Dipole Array with eccentric linear feed in the ARRL Antenna Compendium Vol. 3, 1992. The design included mathematical formulas to determine the electrical length of an element using telescoping tubing.

ARRL has included Pete's work in the ARRL Antenna Handbook from 1974 to date.  ARRL has included his engineering work in various editions of the ARRL Antenna Compendium. 

5). USSR Radio has included my antenna design work in their Radio publications since 1974.  While doing joint venture efforts in Russia (1990 to1995) obtained the following call signs: U9A, RA0A, UL7L, UA4A, R0A, UB5J, UA3D and UM8/K4EWG. 

Pete is a member of the FOC since 1974, ARRL and a founding member and board member of the MDCC. 

Pete's entire station is designed and built by him.  "Home-brew" transceiver, amplifier, and antenna tuner.  Pete has extensive experience on Collins transmitters, receivers, and transceivers.  His lates project is the resurection of a Collins 20V-3.  (Pete's DXCC includes P5). 

On a personal observation, many articles today use computer modeling techniques. While I applaud the model designs, I also like to see the constructed antenna and its measured test results over a real ground. My work was intended to be used as a starting point for the designer who had nothing more than a simple calculator to work with. The computer has widened our horizons and is a welcome tool indeed. But,let us not forget the basics! 

73’s es DX 

Pete K4EWG  

W0AR, Lee Bergren 

Amateur radio has certainly had a great influence on my life, both vocation and avocation.  My best friend in grade school had an uncle who was a Ham and he introduced both of us to Amateur Radio.  After starting High School my friend and I both got our Amateur Radio licenses.  We learned Morse Code by sending and keying with a 6vdc buzzer.  I was issued the call sign W9AIW - Kansas City was in the 9th Call District at that time.  Through my youthful experiences early in Amateur Radio, that convinced me that I wanted to be an electrical engineer.  I pursued and completed that dream at the University of Kansas where I enjoyed fraternity activities, pilot training, girls of course, and Amateur Radio.  I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a private pilot's license. 

Following graduation I began my career with General Electric in Schenectady, New York in the position of Test Engineer.  The position was specific to the vacuum tube department developing the lighthouse vacuum tube for use in generating radio frequency energy in frequencies above 1000mc.  This was about the high frequency limit in 1940.  WWII came along and I subsequently went to work for Aircraft Accessories, Inc., which later became Aireon Mfg. Company.  This was a WWII electronics company that had 2000 employees but later went bankrupt in the peace time economy.  My position with Aireon was Chief Engineer at the end of my tenure with the company.  

Following WWII, I held the position of Director of Research and Development for the Great Lakes Pipe Line Company.  I then co-founded Radio Industries, Inc., and was President of the Company until it was sold to Halicrafters, Inc. in the mid-1960's.  The company was primarily in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment.  This included two-way 30mc radios for village communication during the Vietnam War, two-way 160mc. communication radios for railroads, pipeline controls, antennas, and the Loudenboomer Amplifier and Antenna Rotator

Other than keeping Ham Radio schedules with my friends, DX has always been my prime interest in Amateur Radio.  I did not achieve DXCC prior to WWII but when our bands were opened after the War II did receive DXCC, Certificate No. 191 for CW in 1948 and Certificate No., 124 for voice in 1948.  I later earned DXCC Honor Role in the 1060s.   

In addition to DXing state side, I have had tremendous fun and privilege of operating in 19 foreign countries over the years.  Here some additional accomplishments.   

1).    I have participated in establishing two new countries for DXCC; Socorro Island (XE4A) in 1956 and the Seychelles Islands (VQ9AIW) in 1959

2).    In 1957 I was elected Midwest Amateur of the Year, particularly for participating in the WARC79 committee that was instrumental in obtaining the new 30, 17, and 12 meter bands for Amateur Radio.  

3).    I was also very honored and fortunate to be inducted into the DXCC Hall of Fame, No. 41. 

4).    I am a Life Member of the ARRL and QCWA and have contributed several articles to QST over the years, including the first article on the multiband quad antenna.   

5).    I co-founded the Kansas City DX Club in 1952 and the Mid-Continent Chapter 35 of QCWA in 1967.  Both Clubs remain very active to this day. 

In closing, I want to say I am forever grateful for the enjoyment and great friends the world over that Amateur Radio has given me in my 77 years in the hobby!