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(Last updated 15/Oct/2002)




Ron Lowrance has prepared this document for the sole purpose of establishing an historic view of his family’s genealogy in the United States.  The references used and the people who have contributed to this document have been given credit and are referenced at the end of this document.

Johannes (Lorentz) and Anna Margaretha Heiliger Lowrance


The 1710 New York census found Johannes 43 years of age, as head of household with the following listed: Anna Mararetha age 39,

           Anna Elizabeth age 15

           Magdalena age 13

           Anna Barbara age 11

           Alexander age 6 months


Census: 1710, New York

DOD: 1745, buried. Peapack, NJ1

Immigration: 1710, New York

Occupation: 1720, Lowrance Brook in East Jersey, millwork and farming

Property: 1720, Built a massive home of hand-cut timbers.

Religion: Catholic

Retirement: Abt. 1740, East Jersey


Johannes can be placed in New Jersey as early as 1713 when son Daniel was born.  By 1720, he had settled on Lowrance Brook, a tributary of the North Raritan River (today known as Peapack Brook), in East Jersey.  He built a home from hand-cut timbers. Once in the Peapack area, Johannes set up a mill he operated from approximately 1720 until his retirement in the early 1740s.  The mill was one of the first in the area.  Johannes probably farmed in addition to his millwork and evidence also exists he was a machinist as well. 




John and Mary Perkins Lowrance & Anne N. Nichols Lowrance

-         John born February 1716 in New Jersey

-         DOD April 1781 in Rowan County, NC

-         John was killed during an attack by Indians and 2 of their children injured during the attacked, one died and one survived

-         Occupation was plantation owner

-         Buried at Thyatria CP Cemetery, near Millbridge, NC

-         Parents: Johannes (Lorentz) Lowrance; is believed to be of German descent from an area called Alsace Lorraine born in 1666. Anna Margaretha Heilger was born in Oberlusdt, Germany.  The Lowrance family crest is identified as German.  Johannes came from an area along the German/French border and is believed to be of German descent because the original family bible had hand written documentation in the German language.  They were married on 13 February 1691 in Bellheim, Germany.  Their original home still exists at Peapack Brook, New Jersey.

-         Mary Perkins John’s first wife:

o       Born 1719 at Baltimore Co, MD

o       Died 1760 in Rowan Co., NC

-         Anne Nichols John’s second wife:

o       Born 1740?  Lafayette Co. MD.

o       DOD unknown

-         Children with Mary Perkins: Daniel, Margaret, Joseph, John, Abraham, Andrew, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Appolonia, Hans Jacob, Magnalena, Anna Barbara

-         Children with Anne N. Nichols: Jane, Ann, Joshua, Sarah, Lydia, Elcy, Alexander

-         NOTE: Margaret’s husband was a Colonel in the NC militia in the Revolutionary War

-         NOTE: Catherine married Rev. John Newton and is one of the founders of Athens College, Athens GA.

-         NOTE: Jacob Lowrance, grandson of Johannes and Margaretha, was a soldier in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War and wounded in action at the Battle of Kings Mountain, NC.  He later settled in Bedford County, TN

-         NOTE: William Lee J. Lowrance, grandson of Joshua was a Colonel in the Confederate Army and fought at Gettysburg as a brigade commander.



Andrew and Hannah A. Lowrance

-         Andrew born August 1748 in New Jersey

-         Parents: John and Mary Perkins Lowrance

-         DOD May 1814 in Rowan County, NC

-         First Wife: Hannah 1753 – 1841

-         Second wife: Mary, no further information is available

-         Buried: Black Creek Cumberland Church, Mt.Ulla, NC

-         Children: Joel, Elizabeth, Daniel, Joseph, Hannah, Kezia, Abraham, John M.


Joel and Anne Hughey Lowrance                            

-         Joel born 12/20/1776 in Rowan County, NC

-         Parents Andrew and Hannah Adams Lowrance

-         DOD June 1853 in Bedford County, TN

-         Anne Hughey information is unknown

-         Children: Andrew S., Martha Jane, C.F., Elizabeth, Adlai A., Alexander J., Hannah M., John Newton.



Adlai A. and Mary Elizabeth O’Dell Lowrance      

-         Adlai born 9/20/1810 in Bedford County, TN

-         Adlai DOD was 10/13/1893 near Lebanon, MO

-         Occupation was a farmer

-         Elizabeth born 10/30/1825 in Texas to her DOD on 11/1886 near Lebanon, MO

-         Married November 1843 in Laclede County

-         Buried at White Oak Pond near Lebanon, MO

-         Parents: Joel and Anne Hughey Lowrance

-         Adlai’s Brothers/Sisters: Andrew S., Martha J., C.F., Adlai A., Alexandra J., Hannah M., John

-         Children: Adlai Rufus, Eliza Jane, Cynthia Margaret, Hannah Catherine, Martha Elizabeth, Nancy Eveline, Abraham Franklin, Louisa Caroline, James Washington


James W. and Lela B. Lowrance                              Dean Lowrance’s grandparents

-         James w. 1868 to 1942

-         Occupation was a farmer

-         Lela B.1875 to 1957 and her maiden name was Smith

-         Buried: White Oak Pond Cemetery near Lebanon, MO

-         Parents: Adlai A. and Elizabeth B. Lowrance

-         Brothers/Sisters: Adlai R., Eliza J., Cynthia M., Hannah, Martha, Elizabeth, Nancy, Abraham, Louisa

-         Children: Homer Earl and Lee Claiborne


Homer Earl and Oshia A. Lewis Lowrance  Dean Lowrance’s parents

-         Homer: 8/22/1901 to 4/3/1956

-         Homer: born near Orla, MO

-         Occupation: Bulk Oil Company and a professional carpenter

-         Oshia: 11/17/1900 to 10/31987

-         Oshia: born near Agnes, MO

-         Oshia’s maiden name was Lewis

-         Children: Lloyd Dean

-         Buried: Lebanon Cemetery, Lebanon, MO

-         Parents name:

o       Homer:  James W. and Lela Lowrance

o       Oshia:    Richard and Isabelle Lewis

-         Brothers/Sister

o       Homer; Lee C. Lowrance

o       Oshia; Ila, Velma, Alvie, Franzel, Vernon, Lenna

-     Grandchildren:  Ronald Dean and Kenneth Dale Lowrance


Lloyd Dean and Carrol Jane Johnson Lowrance

-         Dean: born 3/16/1925 near Pleasanton, Kansas

-         Graduated from Lebanon High School

-         Graduated with a BA from Columbia College

-         Dean has a Federal Communications license, Amateur Radio K0LDL

-         Brothers/Sisters:  Dean is an only child

-         Occupation; Retired from the Federal Government as an electrician and from the Waynesville Public School system, Director of Buildings & Grounds

-         Military: WWII, served in the United States Army in Combat Engineers in Germany and France

-         Carrol: Born 9/24/1926 near Rogersville, Missouri

-         Graduated from Lebanon High School

-         Graduated with a BS from SMS in Springfield, MO and with a MS from Drury College in Springfield, MO

-         Carrol’s maiden name is Johnson

-         Parents: Ivyl H. and Naomi Roach Johnson

-         Occupation: Carrol retired from the Missouri School System

o       Lebanon School: Conn. Mulligan, Dry and Dusty Schools; teacher

o       Waynesville School System as a teacher and Principal

-         Carrol’s brothers and sisters:  James William, Kenneth Jack (killed-in-action on March 9, 1944 while serving on the USS Leopold, Fireman 1/C, US Coast Guard), Richard Maxie, and Patsy June Johnson Headley

-         Children:     Ronald Dean and Kenneth Dale

-         Grandchildren:                    Patricia Anne Lowrance Warren, Jennifer Anne Lowrance Williams and Adam Maslin Lowrance

-         Great grandchildren:            Courtney & Kyle Warren, Cassidy & Jacob Williams



Ronald D. Lowrance

-         DOB 12/29/1948 in Lebanon, Missouri

-         Attended MapleCrest Grade School and Dry & Dusty in Lebanon

-         Graduated high school from Waynesville High School

-         Graduated with a AA and BA from Columbia College

-         Ron has a Federal Communications license, Amateur Radio K4SX

-         Occupation:  IBM Corporation as a manager since 1978

-         Military: Retired from the U.S. Army Reserve System (Major, Infantry); Served in the Vietnam War as an Infantry Platoon Leader, Company D, 1/501st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 101st ABN (AMBL) Division and in the Persian Gulf War with the 7th CORPS as a RAOC Defense Task Force Commander

-         Parents: Lloyd Dean and Carrol Jane Johnson Lowrance

-         Brother/sisters:  One brother, Kenneth D. who lives in St. Louis with his family

-         Children:                 Patricia Anne DOB 3 August, 1970 at Columbus, GA

-         Grandchildren:        Courtney and Kyle Warren; Cassidy and Jacob Williams


Kenneth D. and Lynn Maslin Lowrance                  

            -     Ken:   DOB12/19/1953 in Lebanon, Missouri

            -     Graduated High School from Waynesville High School, Waynesville, MO

-         Graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Washington University

-         Occupation:  IBM Corporation as a telecommunications engineer, Certified Professional Engineer (PE), and Certified Project Management Professional

-         Ken has a Federal Pilot’s license and Amateur Radio License K0KDL

-         Parents:  Lloyd Dean and Carrol Jane Johnson Lowrance

-         Brother:  Ronald Dean

-         Lynn Maslin:

o       Graduated with a BS, MS, and PHD at St. Louis University

o       DOB 28 Oct. 1953

-         Sister:  Claudia R. Maslin

-         Parents: Meyer (U.S. Army WWII in Europe) and Charlotte Maslin

-         Children:  Adam, DOB 2 April 1983


Thomas L. and Sarah E. Lewis                                 Dean Lowrance’s great grandparents

-         Thomas L. 9/24/1844 to 2/27/1896

-         Military: Served in the Civil War in the Union Army

-         Company A, 5th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

-         Born in Loudon County Tennessee vicinity

-         Sarah E. 2/23/1848 to 10/22/1915

-         Buried at Porter Chapel Cemetery near Lebanon, MO

-         Parents name:

-         Brothers/sisters:

-         Children: John W. 1884 - 1887, Richard L. 1877 - 1954



Stephan P. and Marget Smith                                   Dean Lowrance’s great grandparents

-         Stephan 1842 to 1918

-         Occupation was a grocery store owner

-         Marget 1845 to 1940

-         Buried at

-         Parents name:

-         Brothers/Sisters:

-         Children:


W.T. and Martha Spencer                                         Dean Lowrance’s great grandparents

-         W.T. 5/3/1848 to 5/12/1912

-         Occupation: Baptist preacher

-         Martha 12/7/1848 to 1/3/1915

-         Buried: Hough Chapel Cemetery near Lebanon, MO

-         Parents name:

-         Brothers/Sisters:

-         Children:



Richard L. and Isabelle Lewis                                  Dean Lowrance’s grandparents

-         Richard 3/22/1877 to 7/15/1954

-         Richard’s occupation was grocery store owner

-         Isabelle 12/15/1876 to 4/28/1960

-         Isabelle’s maiden name was Spencer

-         Buried: Antioch Cemetery near Lebanon, MO

-         Parents name

-         Brother/Sisters

-         Children:




Carrol Jane Johnson Lowrance’s Family



James M. and Rebecca Watts Smith                       Carrol’s great-grandparents

-         James 9/4/1840 to 7/23/1905

-         Military: LT in the Civil War. Company D, 16th Regiment, MO Calvary

-         Occupation: farmer

-         Rebecca 8/17/1843 to 7/28/1935

-         Both are buried at the Springfield National Cemetery

-         Children: Lenna


Will and Lenna Roach                                               Carrol’s grandparents

            -  Children:  Naomi, Ben, Jimmy, and Irvin


James Johnson and wife unknown at this time         Carrol’s grandparents

-         Buried: Springfield Mo

-         Occupation was a Circuit Judge and mail carrier


Ivyl and Naomi Johnson                                            Carrol’s parents

-         Ivyl 4/02/1902 to 4/03/1981

-         Ivyl’s Brothers/Sisters:

o       Leon, Pearle, Ernest, Golden, Reba, John

-         Occupation was a mechanic and painter

-         Born near Rogersville, Missouri

-         Parents: James Johnson

-         Naomi 7/26/1901 to 10/19/1993

-         Parents: William and Lenna Roach

-         Naomi’s Brothers/Sisters:

o       Ben, Jimmy, and Irvin

-         Born in Greene County, Missouri

-         Both are buried at Mt. Rose Cemetery in Lebanon, MO

-         Children: James William, Kenneth Jack (killed-in-action on March 9, 1944 aboard the USS Leopold), Carrol Jane, Richard Maxie, and Patsy June









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